LIVE: 2023 Investor Day Tesla CEO Interview

We plan to host Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day on March 1, 2023. Our investors will be able to see our most advanced production line as well as discuss long term expansion plans, generation 3 platform
Tesla is working on a small car, which could be an alternative to the likes of the Volkswagen ID3 and MG4.

Details of this new car could be revealed on March 1st during Tesla’s investor day, however Musk has already confirmed that it’ll cost half as much to produce as the Model 3 and Model Y.

Since it launched the original Tesla Roadster in 2008, Tesla has released a pair of saloons, a seven-seater and a small SUV. There’s also a divisive Cybertruck pickup and an eye-watering Roadster hypercar on the way too.

He said: “We’ve done the engineering for Cybertruck and Semi, so you can guess what we’re working on which is the next generation vehicle which will be about half the cost of the Model 3 and Y.

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